Sunday, October 31, 2010


So today was one of those days where I just felt fast and strong and have idea why. Maybe it was the decreased workload in the past few weeks. Maybe it was getting around 12 hours sleep the night before (thanks Paige!). Nutrition? Weather? State of Mind? My own mind swims when I'm running well, trying to figure out what I did right. It's like on Thanksgiving, when we give our dog a big pile of turkey scraps in her bowl and I imagine her little brain is swimming with the question, "OK, WHAT WAS I DOING RIGHT BEFORE I GOT THIS? THINK DAMMIT - THINK!"

Maybe it's just a trick our bodies play on us from time to time. Just to keep us in the game. Or just to mess with us. Ultimately I don't care. I'm just grateful when those days happen.

Yesterday I got new road cycling shoes. I hadn't replaced my shoes in like 15 years. The old ones were so old school. Flexible and none of the whiz-bang stuff they put into today's shoes. My new shoes were designed by Andy Pruitt - and have things like FACT carbon fiber, body geometry design, a varus wedge and metatarsal buttons. I don't know what any of those are, but my old shoes just had a buckle. But despite all the marketing mumbo-jumbo, there is something to them. I put them on and went for a ride and zowie - they sure performed. I felt like my shin was connected directly to my crank arms. The bike just flowed under me like it was part of me. I took off like a bullet, sailed up hills and basically felt like there was an engine inserted deep into the frame somewhere. No pain and all gain.

Today I went for a 12 miler through Bear Creek with my favorite running partner - the dog of Thanksgiving Day fame from above. I was hauling. I felt strong, fast and fluid. Like a runner should feel. The dog was not just trotting along with her mouth closed in the insulting way she usually accompanies me. Nope. She was having to lope, and was panting most of the way. When we got home, she laid down on the floor and went to sleep. I had 'spent' her. Something not easy to do as we've often speculated that our dog is the result of some freakish genetic shelter experiment that blended a cheetah and a rocket sled in a swimming pool size petri dish and then crammed the resulting DNA strands into a sleek and compact 35 pound unit that is our dog, Indy. It's not often that I can tire her out, and I felt good about myself for having accomplished that today.

So why was I fast yesterday and today? Was it just some collision of hard work and hormonal timing that led to an 'abracadabra' moment? Who knows. I was just happy to string a couple of those days together.

Beep.... beep.... the coyote's got nothin' on me today!

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