Friday, October 22, 2010

Denver Marathon 2010

So my goal was to run a sub-3:10 (which means I needed to run an average pace of 7:14 or better). I figured that was a stretch as in the weeks prior I seemed to be more likely able to turn a 3:15. But I figured I'd rather try and fade in this race, than run a solid 3:15 and wonder.

So out I went. At City Park and 8 miles in, things felt good and I was turning smooth 7:12's. I decided to check in with my body at 16 as that is usually a good indicator for me of where things are at.

As I rounded into Wash Park at mile 16 I could feel that I only had maybe had only another 5 miles in me at that pace. I decided if I went for broke, then bad things would probably happen around mile 21. I've never DNF'd a race so I decided to ratchet back and put in a solid race instead. Which I did. I finished strong, but had nothing left after the finish line.

Stats were good: 3:18:58 which placed me 12th / 181 in my division. 139th / 1581 men marathoners. Overall I was happy and had a great day of racing.

More on the course and event later. I'm hitting the hay.

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