Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Trots

I don't have anything against 'official' Turkey Trots. But every year when I look into them they are pretty expensive for the amount of running that you get to do. Coupled with the time associated with getting there, parking, waiting around, etc... I guess I'm usually more pressed for time with cooking and all.

One year some friends organized an 'unofficial' Turkey Trot - and that was a lot of fun. It would be nice to get together a bigger one like that. Kind of a grass roots Trot.

But I love doing a run on holidays - especially Thanksgiving. It helps offset my conscience for that second slice of pumpkin pie. Today was a great run that started with a couple miles with Paige, running up the path to the middle school just west of our place. I don't get to run and cycle with my wife as often as I'd like, so when we have a babysitter available, we like to take advantage of it. We talked all the way up to the turn around point (her goal was 45 mins of easy running today).

From there we parted and I ran one of my favorite routes. It's not for people that dislike hills - I've grown to really like hills, mostly because of how well my body responds to them from a strengthening perspective. I also like the downhill part of running hills :-)

My route takes me up the frontage road of 285, crossing under before a gnarly steep little section that dumps you out between two horse farms. From there you get a little downhill kick before the last climb up to Morrison Road (Hwy 8). Then it's left past The Fort and drop down the road that cuts under 285 again and climbs up to Red Rocks Country Club neighborhood. I realize it's technically called Willow Springs, but everyone that knows that area knows why I distinguish that particular section from what I would call 'Willow Springs Proper'.

Then the descent down Bellevue road where I stopped with a bunch of other people to observe a herd of 5 large bull elk, sunning themselves on the golf course fairway. I've never seen that many males together like that with no cows. Rutting season must be over and they are now hanging out, talking about their conquests.

The route is really terrific not just for the hills, but also for the views that come with them. This route is 10 miles total, but if I make a right turn through Willow Springs (proper) and climb up further, crossing into Ken Caryl Valley, then that adds another 7 miles. The views there are even more striking, but today's shortcut route was plenty for me today.

There's something grand about returning from a run in the brisk cool November air and walking into a house that's brimming with the smell of a roasting turkey. I was instantly famished.

Happy Thanksgiving and hope everyone's own version of a turkey trot (formal, informal or imaginary) was a good one!

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