Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another tough workout....

And this one on the dreaded 'run to nowhere' (i.e. treadmill).

Actually, that was by my choosing since my only option for the proper hill profile and work schedule would have been to brave the cold darkness this morning - and honestly, I really wanted to run in shorts. Also wore my racing flats just to give them a little more break-in.

So the workout was 8 miles overall on a hilly course, which I simulated by popping the incline up and down to run hills of 3% to 6% grade for distances that varied between 1/10 and 1/2 mile each. At the top of the hill I'd bop the incline down to 0% for the same distance to simulate (somewhat) downhill running (on a treadmill, 1-2% represents running on a flat outside due to wind resistance and the fact that on a treadmill, you aren't actually propelling yourself forward, you are just running over a moving belt). Pace-wise 1.5% 'felt' about right to running outside.

Now for the tough part. After about 3 miles of this, I ran the following set over a 3 mile continuous stretch:

800m @6:31 pace
2 miles @6:53 pace
800m @6:31 pace

The above was tough - especially on a treadmill (for me). The last 800m is actually not too bad, since I've said before, "I can do just about anything for 1/2 mile". It felt good to run fast and even better to be doing it without all the usual cold weather gear. Then it was another couple miles of hills and cool-down followed by my usual stretching routine.

On my way into the locker room a guy commented to me, "Wow, that was a tough treadmill workout you were doing" - Hmmm..... I didn't know I had an audience ;-)

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