Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Great pacing / LT workout!

Did this great workout from my coach yesterday. Here was the basic structure:

10 miles overall

After a couple miles warm-up - 5 sets of the following (done right in succession)

800m @progressively faster paces 6:45 / 6:40 / 6:35 / 6:30 / 6:25
60s easy running
60s hard (pretty much 90% focus on fluid / smooth - top end LT into VO2max)
2 min recovery

Number 5 took some mental fortitude.

Overall hit 6:45 / 6:36 / 6:32 / 6:29 / 6:23
My 60s (hard) hit average paces all sub-6 except for the first one, lowest was 5:42)

Just such an awesome workout - felt like I could have rallied and done one more set, but it would have taken some psyching up ;-)

My coach has definitely structured my training around making my slower runs slower and my faster runs faster. I feel faster in just the past 3 weeks - lots of it is mental (I have this mental barrier below 7:00s - but it's quickly going away).

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