Friday, March 4, 2011

Zowwie Batman - time flies.....some techno stuff....

Sorry all for the dearth of posts lately. I just realized that I haven't written anything in a while - pretty much since I returned from Orlando over two weeks ago! Blame it on the blender I stepped back into upon my return. Seems it automatically flips to 'Frappe' whenever I step away from work for a little while..... wouldn't have it any other way though :-)

The past couple weeks have been great running wise. I got a nice boost from running fast at sea level. First thing my coach had me doing upon my return was to take a recovery week. No real fast running, long run was like 12 miles or something... like a vacation. But by the end of the week I was bouncing off the walls to get working again.

Last week I got my wish. Thursday's workout was tough baby. 10 miler with 3x1 mile repeats at 6:50 / 6:30 / 6:20 target pace - 1 min recovery in between. Well, I hit 6:45 / 6:27 / 6:27 - what happened on the last one you ask? Well, I think it was a tactical mistake. The hill profile was down for 1/2 mile and then up for a 1/2 mile. I held back a little on the descent and ran it at 6:15. But couldn't put out the watts on the climb, went into O2 debt at the 3/4 mark and then it was all over. Had a 'seeing Elvis' moment (i.e. that's when your brain is running on CO2 rather than O2. Better tactic and I think I would have hit it. Live and learn.

Track season started on Tuesday night. Had done an easy 3 miler that morning. Our session was basically a baseline 2 mile TT (time trial). I ran by 'feel' and felt really relaxed throughout. Was happy to hit a 6:24 / 6:29 - I absolutely could of hit a negative split if I was watching my laps a little closer. But I really wanted to see what my 5K 'by feel' pace felt like. That's pretty close to my 6:20 target.

Thursday was a fun 10 miler with 3x6 min progressions (each 2 mins got faster).

Now it's coasting for a 3 mile race this Sunday (part of the running club I belong to -  Trophy Series). My goal is to split 6:30 / 6:25 / 6:20 if I can.

It's funny - at the start of the year I had a 'mental block' with anything faster than 7:00 pace. If it had a '6' in the first digit, I was intimidated just thinking about it. I love my coach Maureen - she just got me running all these '6' paces and at track I told her my new mental block is 6:30 (which sounds do-able, but 6:25 sounds wicked fast to my head).

Anywhooo... sorry for all the techno-talk. But I'm pretty giddy right now about my running and I just kinda wrote this stream of consciousness. I feel really fluid and smooth, even at speed. I'll enjoy it while it lasts!!

Beep beep.

PS - I have a couple 'deep thoughts' type stuff cooking so I'll try to catch up a little this weekend with some posts that don't have any numbers in them.

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