Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blog recommendation for the sport's physiologist in some of us

I subscribe to the blog, "The Science of Sport" and thoroughly enjoy it.

It's a very well written and thoughtful look at a variety of topics around sports. Everything from discussions on doping to scientific calculations around whether (or when) the 2 hour mark can be broken in a marathon. Granted, it can get a little 'techie' and involved to read - but isn't that what mental growth is about?

Their blog is at:

The latest post was a recap of the Boston Marathon (and the blazing 2:03:02 men's winning time) - along with estimations (and analysis) around how the 14mph tailwind played in.

Scroll down near the bottom to see an absolutely amazing slow-motion / crisp video of the lead women as they came into the home stretch. I'm always in awe of how beautiful the human body can look when running at the top elite levels like this.

These top three women (A US runner Desiree Davila - who is third in the video actually came in 2nd and put on quite a push at the end for first that made it yet another exciting women's finish in Boston).

Anyway, watching them all run, I was reminded of the often obstructed fact that we are part of the animal kingdom and not just clumsy trolls behind a desk. We are capable of such amazing and beautiful physical movement that goes beyond our most unique attribute - our minds. I found the blending of the video into a fairly 'brainy' and scientific journal a symbolic mesh along this theme.

PS - I actually read their book, "The Runner's Body" long before I realized they had a blog. I highly recommend the book, which dispels a lot of commonly held myths.

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