Monday, April 18, 2011

Cautiously Optimistic

Friday: 5mi (treadmill) @8:30
Sat: ~22 mi road bike ride with hills - felt super strong. Out of the saddle descending Deer Creek, blowing past folks :-)
Sun - AM upper body / core lifting / 8mi run (outside - FINALLY) at 8:30 pace. Had to keep reeling it back in. At one point I felt like I was running easy but noticed I was covering ground quickly. Looked at my GPS and realized I was running 7:30 - actually said out loud, "Whoah there flash... ease up"

Today is my usual OFF / REST day. Then going to start this week pushing up the volume but keeping the pace in the recovery / easy zone - following the Lydiard axiom that LSD (Long Slow Distance) is your 'home' when things go sideways. Looking to run just under 40 miles this week with another 20 of cycling and a couple lifting / core sessions thrown in.

Also been thinking and talking to my coach about going forward; only running 5 days per week (instead of 6) and putting in a good cycling day on that odd day out instead. Makes good sense to me.

Feeling pretty good about recovery and being able to put in a strong effort at Bolder Boulder. Got my packet pickup eMail reminder the other day. My race qualifying time puts me in wave AB (3rd wave - fyi - there are like 91 waves! That's a big race!). Hoping to run around a 6:40 pace - which would *almost* get me into wave 2 for next year :-)

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