Monday, May 30, 2011

Bolder Boulder 2011

Ran the Bolder Boulder today! It's a race I've been trying to run for the past several years, but something always seemed to come up (translation: I never just committed and did it ;-)

It's the first time I've run the course. It's a tough 10K (IMHO) since the first 4 miles are mostly uphill. I mean - there are some downhills here and there, but my thinking on the course was constantly, "Uhhh... so when does this go down again?" - The hills aren't steep, but they just keep coming. And I know the neighborhoods there pretty well (I lived there going to grad school) - so every time we'd make a certain turn, I kind of knew what that section was like.

My hamstring held up pretty good, although it started to ache a little around mile 3 or so - but never really got worse. I just kept an eye on it. Just speed and hills I think. And it's still on the mend. They take a while. Don't think it really cost me anything - maybe a 15 seconds or so overall on the last mile. It's a pretty good couple hills into Folsom stadium, and I held back a little out of just common sense. Not worth it to re-injure that puppy.

I was a little bummed at my time 42:49:69 - I expected to run at *least* a minute faster. But I probably put the bar a little high, not knowing the course. I ran smart and didn't go out to fast. Started to pick it up in the second mile or so - but those hills wore on me.

When I looked at my results though, I saw that I placed 15th out of 369 in my division (and 863 out of over 23,000 men overall) - I started to feel like maybe I had run a pretty respectable race. Wrote down some training notes - mostly hills and LT work.

Overall - it was a really fun race to run. The field is so big and so strong (and you go off in tight timing waves) - so you are always running in a pack. There's a lot of energy and it's big fun.


Side note: I now am registered for the California International Marathon on 12/4/2011 (Sacramento). It's a fast, sea level course - so my goal is to run sub-3. We'll see how it goes. Also going to run a couple 1/2s (Georgetown on 8/13 and Denver on 10/9). Will also want to throw in some other races - especially a 10K - would really like to break 40 minutes at that distance!!

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