Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh happy days...

So last week was a pretty intense week - not so much mileage wise (~47 miles), but more intensity wise. There were a lot of pacing runs, I overdid it a bit on my cycling commute on Friday (Woohoo and ended up feeling it by Sunday). But overall hit all my paces and feel pretty much at about 95%.

The hamstring is still 'there' - but it's more just telling me to keep an eye on my form and not overstride. I can push it to nearly my VO2max, but just need to keep it smooth and fluid.

Last night at the track I was running in-and-out 200m's over 2 1/2 miles. Basically it's 200m at 5K pace, then 200m at 10K pace - over and over. It teaches you to surge and then recover from slight O2 debt at speed instead of slowing. I used to do something similar on the bike - but this was my first time doing it formally at the track, running. I really liked this workout - 10 repeats.

The hardest thing about this workout (for me) was that, when I'm running fast - I like to settle into a pace and zone out. Changing it up every 200m was just too much of  a reminder of the discomfort and it's hard to put that aside. My coach told me that part of the intent of the workout was to demonstrate why it's actually harder to run a varied pace like that as opposed to settling in. I agree! I like to focus on other things at speed, like my conversations with Elvis (fyi - 'Seeing Elvis' is cycling slang for hurting on a climb, as in; "Yeah, on those last two switch backs and the kick to the finish I was 'seeing Elvis'"

My paces were really strong - limitations were in my lungs, not my hamstring. I finished them strong and actually felt like I could have probably amp'd it a bit more or done a couple more - which is always a good feeling.

This morning no soreness (in my hamstring) when I did a 5 miler on the 'mill. Then I did some upper body lifting. Felt really good by the end of the 5 miler - like it loosened me up and put energy back in the tank.

This week is going to be a little recovery week (I begged my coach and cried uncle on the intensity). I just felt so freakin' dead on Sunday's run until about the 5 mile mark. Hit my paces fine, but man - I was feeling beat. Generally it only takes me 2 miles, max to feel loosened up. So backing off a bit will be a very good thing!

Anywhooo - thanks for all the support I received from everyone! Glad to be feeling strong and ready for Bolder Boulder!

Happy Days....

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