Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We *get* to run...

There was a good editorial in this months Running Times magazine. Basically the gist of the article was about how we often forget that most of us are running for 'fun'. We don't make our livings at it, and there isn't really anything riding on any single race or event except for our own pride and self-set goals. Yest sometimes we stress and obsess over our plan like we're inches away from an Olympic qualifier and a shot at the gold.

The article refocused on why we run - that basically, we run for 'fun'.

Even recreational competitive runners who structure our lives around training and suffer through dry-heave hill repeats, lonely long runs in the dark, stressing in traffic to try and make our track group meet, cold rain and upper middle marathon miles where everything aches - essentially, we are doing it for our own enjoyment.

A stranger really drove home that today for me with a single comment.

It's been a stressful last few days; work-wise. Good stuff, but lots of things going on and problems popping up that need attending to. One of those streams of, "You have *got* to be kidding!" - like some freakin' Greek tragedy.

Today was particularly compressed. I was worried I wouldn't be able to run today. Even until the last second, dressing into my running gear while on one conference call, taking one final call - hoping it wasn't going to go sideways and turn into another hour and blow my window to run. When the call ended I looked at my watch - perfect, I could just make it if I trimmed my run down to a 6 miler. So out the door I sped before anything else could go blip on the radar.

It started raining almost immediately. Cold dreary rain and a cold breeze. On another day, I might have been griping inside, but not today. I was so freakin' happy that it had worked out, I didn't care. Of course it started raining harder. Loved it.

2 miles into the run, I'm feeling warm even though I'm getting pretty drenched. I pass this elderly lady out getting her mail. She gives me the biggest smile and says, "It's so nice to run in this cool rain, isn't it?"

I instantly thought, "She gets it. She understands. Somewhere, her life experiences had lined up to give her an outlook that everyone should have" - With a big warm smile I replied, "It's awesome. And hey, last I checked, I'm waterproof". She laughed and waved. It made my day.

I got to run today. :-)

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Anonymous said...

I'm just getting caught up on your blog. I'm glad your running has been better. BTW, I'm waterproof, too!