Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pictures from Triathlon Nationals!

Getting the transition area ready the day before.

After an easy bike ride and dropping off in transition.

IMHO - A lot of arrows and things to remember in Triathlon !! :-)

Staging for the swim. Almost race time - and look how relaxed she is!

Out of first transition and out on the bike! Lots of folks coming into this first corner way too fast and almost overshot it!

First hill on the run, right out of transition. It was way steeper than it looks here - especially near the top.
And that's AFTER already swimming and cycling!

Paige's Team

Well deserved dinner with the team before the awards ceremony

Sitting right in the front row of awards.

They all clean up nice - don't they!

And of course a well deserved visit to the Ben & Jerry's factory along with samples of ice cream!

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