Saturday, September 10, 2011


Over the years I've incorporated some Yoga poses into my stretching / relaxation routine and have wanted to sign up for some more formal Yoga classes as part of some cross-training.

I recently bought a Schwaggle deal - $50 bucks for two months of unlimited Yoga at the Yoga on 6th studio. I figured that if I averaged $10 or less a session that was good and I could also try out some different Yoga styles and classes.

Now, my Yoga experience has been minimal, haphazard and beginner level. I tend to use it more for stretching / relaxation. I've attended one Bikram class a long while ago with Paige and I think maybe one other formal class (Ashtanga?). I've done some of the Comcast Yoga ON-DEMAND classes at home and have iPad and Android apps. That's pretty much it.

The class I participated in yesterday was Forrest Yoga. It said it was for 'all levels' - but I maybe should have clarified with the instructor that classification included the 'suck-level', which is what I would classify myself as. For those not familiar with Yoga levels, 'suck-level' is right below 'intoxicated-beginner' level.

Apparently, Forrest Yoga is not 'relaxing / gentle stretching' yoga. I did some reading afterwards. It's more of a 'flow' type Yoga that seeks to expunge both bad physical and emotional stuff from your body by sweating it out (my interpretation of what I read - not necessarily a fair or accurate description). Anywhoo... although I don't think I have anything bad to expunge, the class was a lot of fun, although a bit more intense that I was looking for. It also didn't help that I raced on Monday (two days prior) and did a track workout that morning (which both effectively 'expunged' most of my energy - both good and bad.

Yoga I think is good for me - mostly because it's not a competitive environment. Well, maybe it is for some, but when you really suck at something, it kind of takes the pressure off. I also think that when done properly, it's very beautiful to watch. People that are good at it seem to almost defy gravity with some of the advanced stuff. I'm not one of those people that is beautiful to watch. I'm not a warrior, and when I 'salutate' to the sun it generally ignores me and goes behind a cloud. Although I think I have the corpse pose fairly well mastered. At least how an actual corpse might perform it.

All self-deprecation aside. It was an enriching experience. Coupled with the cold, rainy weather - it put me in a funky, kind of 'lost' mood for the rest of the day. And some days - it's good to feel funky.

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