Thursday, December 8, 2011


Ok, different kind of calves.

Today was my first day running since the marathon last Sunday. That was pretty much on schedule to what I was planning for (taking M/T/W off).

We got back from Sacramento on Monday night. Then on Tuesday I was back to the airport early to fly to Alabama for work. Much delayed coming back yesterday (Delta+ATL=bad) - such that I got home around 1am or so.

Today I hit the treadmill over lunch. 6mi varying pace from 10:00 down to 8:30's - just easy to shake things out.

Overall I felt pretty good, but my calves are the most sore. I was able to run just fine, but they are definitely the muscle group taking the longest to come back.

Feeling a little of those post-race blues this week. Kind of lost. I need to figure out my racing calendar for next year. Pick the big races and then go from there. The biggest decision I have is whether to do NY next fall, or pick a marathon I can try to run fast again. Still have the sub-3 bug in my head.

From there the other races will fall into place pretty easily. One of my track-mates had a great suggestion to run one or two marathons as 'long runs' in training. That makes a lot of sense to me.

Other races I think will be on the calendar will be Bolder Boulder, Loveland 10K and then probably the Denver 1/2 (or maybe that's a training full?)

Anywhoo... not much to report other than just recovering and feeling a little spent and blue.

I'm sure going out this weekend and getting a Christmas tree will bolster my spirits :-)))

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