Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chicago Marathon!

I registered for the Chicago Marathon today! Right when registration opened - I was ready.

Also got my flight (via miles) and reservation at the 'HoJos' (Howard Johnson's) - yeah, it's not fancy, but it's like 1/2 mile from the start / finish - and it was 'relatively' cheap. The sponsor hotel was like $344 / night.... uhhhh... yeah, no. Mine is $135 / night :-)

My previous times put me in the first corral - so I'm going to be chased by about 45,000 people. Yikes - that's intimidating.

I'm really looking forward to it. It will be a major race for my season and the last one. Plus, I really love that city and have spent some time there over the years. So hopefully I'll get some sightseeing in while I'm on course.

We'll see what my target pace is shaping up to be by fall, but my goal is still to run a sub-3 hour marathon. I have a little work to do. Still, sea level and flat as a pancake with a lot of crowds. Now just have to hope for some nice cool weather!

"Shake it on baby now"

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