Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Smokin' the Mill

So yesterday morning I felt a little bit more of a bad-ass in my running. I was doing a tough set of 6x800m repeats that get progressively faster (with 400m recoveries). Pace started at 6:40 (min/mile) on the first one and got 10s / mile faster with the last one being at 5:50 min / mile.

The main reason I felt good about the workout is that it's the same workout I did a year ago, almost to the day - also on a treadmill. I went back and looked at my notes - and it was a tough run for me to complete back then. My specific notes on the 5:50 (last repeat) was that I wasn't sure I'd finish it.

Well, not on this day. For most of the repeats I was listening to a podcast from Endurance Planet. For the last one (knowing it would be tough), I put on Eminem, "Lose Yourself", put on my 'game face', and pretended I was running through the burned out neighborhood where I was born (it wasn't burned out then, but I've seen what it's become via Google street view and can recall the imagery as needed).

And I cranked that sucker. I could have run a full 1600m baby.

But what added to the bad-ass factor is that the treadmill started to emit a burning smell. Now granted, those babies are generally good to about 12mph (and I'm only running 10.3) - but still, I was imagining the whole repeat that the treadmill would start smoking, catch fire, and then explode, noisily grinding to a halt with the sickening sound of meshing gears - right in the middle of the last repeat.

I imagined then stepping off it as it collapsed with a mechanical groan and listed to one side. I'd put up my hands to the room and announce triumphantly,

(in my best Mr. Chao voice from  The Hangover movie),

"THAT WAS ONE SICK RUN BITCHES!" it never caught fire or even smoked. It quietly stopped smelling of burning rubber as I went into the recovery portion of my run. It was probably just some heated up grease spill-over from the last maintenance cycle.

But as I dismounted, I turned back to the line of treadmills and whispered menacingly, "Fear this"

I swear I saw one of them shudder a bit.

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