Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gamma Rays?

Ok, so I'm not sure what's going on, but recently I am recovering so much faster than normal. I have less soreness and tough workouts pass within a day or so.
I go to the track and during warm-up I feel the usual lethargy. But then once I warm up and get to the workout, I'm dropping really great splits.
Last week was especially odd. On Monday I rode my bike to work (20mi), then ran a recovery run of 5mi, then rode back (10mi). On Tuesday night I showed up for track, ran my fastest 2mi TT ever, then headed to the gym to lift and do core work for an hour.
The remainder of the week went just as well. I went to bed after a tough Thursday evening hill run saying, "Ok, there is NO way I can ride in tomorrow" - woke up on Friday morning and felt like a million dollars. Sunday was a 14mi run - in hills, with a 30+mph wind for most of it. I got back feeling like I could run 6 more. I felt like I'd been shot up with caffeine.
I can look back at my training log and can divine some theories. I've been putting in quality volume all winter. Maybe it's the consistent strength training paying off. Paige and I have also been making further tweaks to our nutrition.
Then again, maybe I was accidentally exposed to strange gamma rays, and like Bruce Banner (aka - The Hulk), I've had my DNA genetically altered to that of a perpetual 30-something year old. Ok, that's probably less likely.
Of course athletes are always wary of those magical times when we are performing so strongly. Strong highs are often followed by a crash or injury just waiting for us. I wrote about this a while back in The On-Going Balancing Act. But I'm pretty vigilant to those 'tweaky' signs now and so far, I'm just enjoying the high.
Today is a day off from work for a 70mi road bike ride with my buddy Chris. We had originally planned to go snowboarding, but the 70+ degree temps and no wind weather of the valley calls. Nothing crazy, more just a day long rolling recovery ride with a stop off at Platte River Grille for some food and beer at about the 50mi mark. I know that 70mi doesn't sound like a 'recovery' ride - but like anything, it's all about history on the bike and intensity. Riding the bike to me is like 'home base'.
I'll try to remember to take my camera and some pictures along the way.

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