Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's Official -

My blog has officially left the world of the generically grouped blog and into the world of the personalized domain - meaning I finally decided to get a dedicated domain name.

You'll see in your address bar that the URL for this blog is now:

The blog is still hosted by Google Blogger. At some point I'll probably migrate over to using a dedicated WordPress server on, but for now - this seems to be working fine. WordPress seems to have a bit more functionality and a bigger library of templates and gadgets - but I just need to find time to convert. I did some test conversions and the automated tool gets 'close' - but there is a bunch of clean-up I'd have to end up doing. Plus - keeping it on Blogger means that people with links and feeds don't have to update anything (i.e. you can still access the blog at it's old Blogger address and it works just fine.

To celebrate, I changed the template and did a little more thinking around 'menus' which collect some posts into categories if you're looking for something specific. I haven't gone through and harvested all the content out there yet into the categories, but it's a start. I wish that Blogger allowed you to create tag sensitive menus like WordPress (instead they are pages and you have to compose them manually). If anyone knows of a way to do it automatically based on tagging, let me know.

Hope you enjoy the new look, the simpler naming and most of all - that you are all having a lot of days that you are 'Feelin' Mo' Kenyan'!!

                  -- Kevin                 

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