Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lactate Threshold Test

I had a Lactate Threshold test done this week. It's something I've been meaning to do for a while. The last time I did one (as well as a VO2max) was just a field test back in my cycling days. I've never actually done one in a lab setting (complete with finger-prick blood testing at each interval).

I chose Bob Seeborhar ( to do the testing. Bob is a well known and respected coach and nutrition expert, and is a big proponent of metabolic efficiency training / nutrition (of which Paige and I are big fans). He has a good book out on the subject, available from his web site if you're interested. He also has a collection of webinars that he's done that are available for purchase. Paige went to one of his talks a while back and it was very informative. I like him because he's extremely analytic and balanced in his view points.

The test with Bob does more than just determine LT. He looks at all of the zones and assesses them against where you are at with regard to your race planning and training to make sure you are on track. In fact, the assessment and analysis after the test was the real value for me - as opposed to just knowing the inflection point.

The test is actually pretty easy - not the 'puke fest' type test of a VO2max. It was a progression from my 'easy' pace to my 10K race pace in 5min steps. Overall it felt like a low to moderate tempo / progression run (depending on your definition). In fact, the test was in the morning and was still able to run a very strong track session later that day.

In short - my zones appear to be about where I'd expect them given my coach and I have been focused on training for Bolder Boulder (10K) and some 'shorter' distances like that. After Boulder we'll ramp up the long runs and widen the aerobic (Zone II) base. I've already started to make some slight modifications based on Bob's advice and analysis of the results.

I posted the stats and analysis on my training blog if anyone is interested in seeing what the output looks like from one of these.

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