Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blender Love

A few weeks ago we pulled the trigger on a BlendTec blender.

This was my breakfast concoction this morning;

Whole banana
Whole carrot
Handful of spinach
2 strawberries
Unsweetened coconut shavings
Ground flax seed
1 scoop protein powder
Almond milk

Then just hit 'Smoothie XL' and let the blender do the work. Smoothie goodness. Tons 'o fiber, potassium, omega-3s, vitamins, minerals, etc.. And the fruit keeps it sweet.

A little more on BlendTec blenders:
For those of you that don't know about these things, they are workhorses. They will blend hockey pucks (literally). or search YouTube for 'Will it Blend' videos. Hilarious.

Luckily, our needs require less horsepower, but after weeks of use, I have to tell you that these things are awesome and live of to the name of blending things smooth with no chunks or grittiness. They aren't cheap, but you get your money's worth if it gets the kind of use it does in our house and ours came with a 7 year warranty.

One of my favorite quick dinners is tortilla soup - just throw in: A carrot, whole roma tomatoes, cilantro, an avocado, 1/2 an onion, 1/2 a red pepper, some seasoning (I use 1/2 a taco seasoning packet), low sodium chicken broth and hit 'Soup' on the program panel. Then pulse in a chicken breast and black beans. It's awesome and the veggies aren't cooked down to death (so they are healthier).

And to my sister's first question when I told her about the blender; "Yes, it makes good frozen margaritas too"

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