Thursday, July 12, 2012

2012 Race Season in Pictures (so far)

2/12/2012 Platte River 7mi
It was 9 degrees at the start. I actually did an 8.5mi run before the race to make this a good 'race-with-fatigue' training run. btw - I wasn't cold at the end of the race!!

3/4/2012 Crown Hill 3mi
Denied any kind of PR. The temperature was much improved over a month prior, but the wind was howling ! I lost a pair of sunglasses that blew off the top of my head while I was warming up. Didn't even realize they had blow off and never did find them. Bummer. 
4/1/2012 City Park 4mi
Temps did a complete flip from the first race. Freakin' hot out (well 70 degrees, but that's hot for racing). Tossed my shirt prior to the start. Coming into the finish in this photo. I felt like I was slowly cooking from the inside through the race!
5/26/2012 Bolder Boulder 10K
First 'A' race of the season. Great race weather, always a tough (hilly) course. PR'd my 10K distance. Made the dry heaving at the finish line worth it. A few other guys weren't so lucky to keep it to just 'dry' heaves. Yuck - look away, look away!!
6/3/2012 Foothills Mini-Sprint Triathlon
My first ever triathlon! Was so nervous at the start of the swim, but once I got on the bike, I felt 'home'.  I'm not sure I even sat down on the bike ride - just sprinting out of the saddle most of the way. Great run course too around the lake. I got crap from one of Paige's team mates for wearing my cycling shorts. She joked, "Hey - go Mr. USA". 1st in my division and 2nd overall (take that young bucks!)
6/30/2012 Lookout Mt. Triathlon
Upgraded to a tri-kit. Much better transitions. SUPER hilly bike and run course - almost like an Xterra event! This is the start of one of the big bike climbs. I think I'm looking at the hill to come. I've mentioned before - I LOVE hills in a race. You can inflict damage on the guys around you - the trick is to mask the pain. I think I do ok at that - my grimace looks like I'm smiling. 1st in my division, 10th overall men.

7/14/2012 - Sand Creek 10K
It was actually more like an 11K - pacer bike led us off course. Ended up being like some trail race - probably 90% dirt trail with lots of hills. And the start was like at 8am in the middle of July (about 80 degrees) - what's up with that?!
Still a fun race. Placed  3rd  overall .
6/23/2012 Paige's Lake to Lake Triathlon Event
Luke and I wrote a bunch of encouragement on the sidewalk. This was near the finish line. Same picture also made the post-race pics on the web-site! I wrote some other encouragement like 'BEER' with an arrow pointing to the finish as well as "do it" - inside joke we have from Ben Stiller's character in Starsky and Hutch re-make. She didn't see any of them of course (near the finish - all you can see is the finish flag). Paige took 4th in her division against a very big and very seasoned field. 
7/10/2012 - Paige's Aqua/Run Event (1mi swim / 5K run)
This was the start of Paige's race - although I'm not sure which wet-suit person in the picture is her. I was watching Luke (who had already jumped into the water to swim in his clothes) so I just stole a way to capture a couple pictures of the start area. Paige took 4th in overall women - had an awesome, fast run to boot!

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