Wednesday, August 15, 2012

from Nashville, TN...

So this is a first (for me blogging). I'm writing this from a table in a bar in Nashville, TN. Out here on business, working on a presentation for tomorrow...but..

This is Nashville, TN. If you ever want to see the MASSIVE level of talent in the US in the music business - come out here and spend some time. I'm in a little bar / restaurant and the vocal abilities of the folks on stage completely waxes anything you'll see watching 'The Voice', 'American Idol' or any of those packaged shows. The one lady just announced that she just won a Nashville Music Vocalist Award.

Went out for a run when I landed. Started out with the intent to do 12mi. Ended up doing 14 with a bunch of tempo work. Even with the heat / humidity - running down Music Row past the studios and downtown across to the Shelby (?) trail and along the river. Whoah - I was just so freakin' geeked. I'm a long time guitar player / mediocre singer-songwriter style pop vocalist / recording studio wanna-be. I've done open-mics and small gigs here and there - but then you come out here and.... whoah.... I mean this is one little crappy bar, in a city of a ton of little crappy bars.. and these guys are awesome.

So - good Masters Swim this morning before I got on the plane. Respectable run / pacing work in the bag. Couple of draft Blue Moon's (my anchor to Colorado / Coors), and a decent salmon / baked potato / salad dinner. Good live country music...  This all on top of a confidence building session in open water on Monday night and a kick-ass BRICK hitting some decent paces off the bike on Tuesday. Put that together with my wonderful wife and kids...

Holy crap, I have a happy life. Don't worry - be happy.

btw - this was waiting for me on the bed when I walked into my hotel room. It's (I assume) a swan made out of bath towels (although my initial pattern recognition put it as more of a cobra, ready to strike).

I know it's supposed to be soothing and add a touch of something - but it just kind of freaked me out. I dismantled it immediately. Die swan!!

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