Thursday, August 9, 2012

TT Position Setup

Last night I took some time to set up my new TT bike. Here's the steps I went through:

1. Put the bike on the trainer and leveled the front wheel.
2. Adjusted seat and aero extensions by 'feel' based on past experience.
3. Video taped me riding both on the 'horns' as well as in the aero position.
4. Then I pulled the video into V1 Home Premium (which I've had for a while) and took a snapshot from the video.

side-note: V1 is great software. You can upload video. Run it at any speed, frame by frame, forward and back, draw lines, angles, and compare side by side to other videos. You can even download models from a variety of sports.

5. Uploaded into TriRaceBook ( and used the position tool to set each contact point (per their online video tutorial). You can see the result below. 

Analysis was pretty much what I figured. I had purposefully set the seat a bit lower than I think it should be at so I could get used to the steeper aero position of my back. still puts me in a decent position, but it's lower than I'm used to (on the road bike) and it creates a bit more elbow angle than would be optimal (closer to, but not at 90 degrees). But higher and more forward is something I need to work towards over time. Need to let the body adjust.

After that I went over the whole bike with a torque wrench. was happy to see that the previous owner had kept the bolts to spec. Always a concern on a bunch of carbon components and frame!

Here's some snapshots of some model aero positions. Sagan is closest to my build (he is 6' / 160lbs, I'm 1/2 inch taller and 164 lbs), Cancellara is close to my height. Cadel is shorter, Wiggins is taller.

And of course there is Lance's new position:

 I've always noticed that in the 'lab' setting, the riders are further back on the seat, but they tend to edge out on the nose of the saddle in the heat of the race. I also think TT riders tend to ride with a lower saddle than triathletes - but I need to look into that further.

Anyway - at lunch today I took the bike for a ride through Bear Creek. I was really happy with the setup. Just tweaked the bar extension length by 1/4" while on the ride.

Now going to pretty much ride the TT bike exclusively until the Bear Creek triathlon in early September. Should give me time to adjust and make some tweaks to the setup. Next year I think I'll throw on a nice set of race wheels. The HED Jet 5 Express are currently in the front running. They have an AL rim with a carbon wing bonded to them. I'm just a little worried about the carbon clincher issues that have sprung up recently - where some races have even banned them. With the hilly courses in Colorado, it's just better I think to have a rim that's not going to go kaboom from brake heat build-up.

Haven't come to terms yet with wearing an aero helmet. I'll get there.... :-)

Oh yeah - why do I have this much time to spend on my bike setup, analyzing TT positions and wheel set selection? Because the Georgetown 1/2 marathon is this Saturday (and I'm going bouncy crazy in taper mode - i.e. less training load). Wish me luck!!


bastianella31 said...

Excellent article, I also like very much to go on tt bike !!!
There is only a small error, in the photo not there is Wiggins, but an athlete of AGR2.
Regards, Davide from Italy ...

Kevin said...

Ahhh... thank you! So it is!