Saturday, February 2, 2013

JRA (Just Riding Along)

There's something about riding that just clears your head. The drone of the road, scenery passing by. Yeah, there was some wind, and of course I never seem to be able to accumulate more than 5 rides without having a mild altercation with some ass-clown oblivious driver that feels self righteous and safe wrapped up in his SUV - but other than that forgettable event - it was a great ride.

Here's some pictures - pieced together a panorama from Chatfield park. It was warmer than it looks out there (upper 50's).

And here are some stalagmites that were formed across the tunnel - I had to cautiously hump over them. Hmm... they didn't look as gross in real life. Maybe I was just happy.

I did chase after the butt head in the SUV once we had exchanged... uhmmm.... sign language that indicated a disagreement about who was ignoring the traffic laws (I'll give you a hint who was right). He saw me motioning to pull over and have a 'chat'. Sadly, when they realize that they might have the sanctity and safety of their big steel 'blankie' violated then never seem to stop. Otherwise I would have posted his (or her) picture here - probably with their shirt pulled over their head and my frame pump stuffed up their bum as I'm not sure the 'conversation' would have gone well. 

Ahh well. It's probably for the best. Frame pumps are expensive.

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