Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Old School StairMaster Workout

With the cold and snow keeping me indoors on Monday, as well as a nagging little hamstring 'niggle', I decided I'd do a stair climber workout instead.

As I was trying to figure out when to get to the gym, I started thinking, "hey, our office building has like 34 floors" and thus decided to go old school. (in the 'South' tower on the left in the picture)

Here's the set I did:

  • 32 flights, one step at a time; high end aerobic - just below threshold (slight burn, strong breathing)
  • elevator down
  • 32 flights, broken up to 10 / 10 /12 taking two steps at a time. 60 seconds rest at each break.
  • elevator down
  • 32 flights, one step at a time, backwards. 
  • elevator down
  • 32 flights. grapevine - alternating sides each landing.
  • 26 flights DOWN, lowering myself steady to work eccentric contractions on the descent.

Whole thing took maybe 45 mins and had built in warm up and cool down segments. Afterwards I felt like maybe I had taken it too easy, until I got up from my desk a little later and my legs felt a bit shaky. Then by the evening I was feeling it - and today I'm feeling like I touched on some things that I hadn't worked in a while. Now just wait for the adaption to kick in :-)

I think I'll incorporate it weekly for the next 4-6 weeks - bad weather or good.

But what's really brilliant about this workout is how simple it was and how it was sitting there in front of me for years now. All it took was the necessity to get creative. Moral is to always look at your training and see if you need to change things up once in a while by getting creative. Certainly put some fun into my day.

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