Friday, April 5, 2013

New Toy

 Today I pulled the trigger on getting a training wheel built up with a CycleOps G3 PowerTap Hub. Can't wait. Will pair nicely with my Garmin 310XT.

There was a day when I was poo-poo'ing (jokingly) the whole 'power meter' thing. I also for a while refused to even ride with a cycling computer or heart rate monitor.

But the more I've been reading - especially stuff by Joe Friel (I just started his Power Meter book after reading some blog posts and articles by him) - the more I'm becoming a believer that it's probably something that will help better structure my training a lot.

And having a new gizmo and data to download and analyze will certainly add to my geeky fun factor this season. I'll be able to finish a ride and then download the route, distance, HR, elevation gain / loss, min / max / avg speeds and now power output throughout. How utterly geeked out is that?!!

Plus of course all the references in the 'Sh*t Cyclists Say' video:

Wheel should be built (by Kompetitive Edge) within the week. Can't wait to try it out! I'm sure I'll be buying one for Paige after she tries it out too. That's the thing about having a two athlete household. It's hard to get away from buying two of everything.

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