Monday, June 3, 2013

Foothills Sprint Triathlon

Great day for a race! Beautiful and perfect Colorado weather.

Paige's dad was also up for the race so that was fun!

Also, I get to ride my bike to the race from my house and always see a lot of friendly faces (including my swim coach, Stephanie - who gave me a readout on my swim form since she ran the swim portion :-)

More race details and pics later - need to get some sleep.

Took 5th overall (out of about 85 competitors) and 2nd in my division. Was happy that since it wasn't a USAT race they used my 'actual age' rather than my age at the end of year (like USAT does). One more race not having '50' written on my calf for everyone to see :-)

And I was really happy with my overall result - still PR'ing my swim / bike / run times :-)

Laid back on the bike, rolling into transition.

Me and my babe after the race. She was coaching the Kid's that Tri Team in the Kid's race later.

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