Sunday, July 7, 2013

In One Week: Five Things I Did for the First Time Ever!

I think we should always celebrate when we do something significant for the first time. I had the pleasure of doing 5 new things in the past week!!

Played Cricket
OK, 'played' is a relative term taken at great liberty in this situation. A better way to say it would be to say that I discovered yet another 'stick and ball' sport that I have no natural talent for. And granted, it was playing with my team from the Chennai, India office in a company outing. And it was a rooftop, recreational version with a short field, different rules and utilized a tennis ball. But I'll take it.

Me demonstrating my extra awesome 'whiffing' tequnique
The team that will never select me again. I'm the one holding the bat.
Visited Germany (outside of the airport)
My flight back from Chennai was through Frankfurt. Upon a bit of investigation, I found that the flight was cheaper if I stayed the weekend. Woohoo!

Didn't really have a plan - other than to just walk about the city, go running and relax and read.

Ahhh... the land of sausage and Hefeweizen
Ran in Germany
Of course no trip to a new country would be complete without me pounding out some miles in it. And what a great city to run in. Tons of trails and parks.

Saw an Ironman in Person
On my wandering around on Saturday I noticed some Ironman signs. A quick check 'O the Internet and my luck - The Ironman European Championships were on Sunday in Frankfurt! Whoah! How freaking cool is that?

Ahhhh crap.... now I'm inspired to do one of these.
Rode One of These
Very unique hotel in my hotel. In the US this would be a lawsuit waiting to happen. Or perhaps it wouldn't even function if the average American these days got on board (it's limited to 2 people).


Of course all of these new experiences gives me some fodder for some additional posts - more to come. Need to get some Z's as I'm heading home tomorrow!

auf Wiedersehen!

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