Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More Rattlesnake Pics and a Hard Lesson in ABV

Wow - usually I don't have jack for pictures from my races. Generally it's my fault - for example, as I stood by the water's edge on race morning and watched others snapping pictures of one of the most startling sunrises over the lake I've seen in quite some time, I realized that I'd left my phone way back in the car. Sheesh...

But others came through. Some I already posted, but here's some more:

Look how happy and clean I am. Soon to be covered in lake water, urine and sweat - ahhhh... yes.. the unspoken joy of triathlon when everyone is already in their wetsuits and floating around in the water waiting for the start.... not saying anything or making eye contact...
yeah - we don't talk about it.

Rich is a buddy from my masters swim team. What's funny about this picture is that Rich is actually like several inches taller than me and much broader in the shoulders. But because of the angle of the shot, I'm the hulk. (PUNY HUMAN!!)
btw - notice the guy in the water in the background? Yeah, he's peeing.

Running...... and it's hot.... sweet....

Done. That's not a smile, it's a grimace.
Left arm does that 'thing' when I'm tired - shhhhhh.... don't tell my competition.  If I showed you the MRI from my snowboarding accident 7 years back, you'd forgive me.

Ok, so now your'e all asking (or have moved on to more interesting Internet stuff) - what's up with the hard lesson in ABV? And what *is* ABV? Ahhh... now do I have you back? Wait for it.....

On Sunday I decide a good recovery would be a 2 hour road ride with my buddy, Chris. Launch from Golden and we head south to some Red Rocks climbs and a circle back from Morrison to finish at the new Mountain Toad Brewery (MTB - get it??) in north Golden.

btw - the Woody's hostess
was sitting on one of these
outside the restaurant.
Like she's all high and
mighty.. Well take that!
side-bar: It's our first, then second, then first again choice when the hostess at Woody's can't get us seated at an empty patio table to save anything. Keeps saying, "Yep - any minute now. They are cleaning it right now". To which I reply, "Uhhh... I'm looking right at it and they aren't doing jack and haven't been doing jack for that last 10 minutes you've been telling us that they *have* been doing jack... so long jack..."

Anyway. We head up to MTB (cool place btw) and order a pitcher of one of their craft beers. It's awesome. We order a sampler tray too 'cuz I'm a wimp and only usually order ales and wheat beers... shaaahhdup beer snobs.

Personal note to K.F. (you know who you are) I know that I keep having beers in Golden and don't text you. It's not my fault. I'm there and I think about it - and I realize that I don't have my stupid cell phone. Honestly...HONESTLY!! (gads... I suck...)

So I have less than 3 total beers ('cuz Chris is better at emptying the pitcher than my sorry butt) and I am freaking wasted. Like the world is moving in stills instead of one continuous movie like it's supposed to. I haven't been this in the bag in years. I'm trying to figure it out. 3 beers - WTF? Ok, yeah - I haven't eaten since breakfast and it's now like 2pm or so.... but *this* wasted?

The 5 minute ride back to Chris's is comical. I can't balance very well on my bike. I tell him we need to stick to path and side-streets. I'm going slow enough that I'm not a danger to anyone, even myself. I under steer one turn and roll off the path into the grass. I fall over. I get back on and manage to leverage what's left of my awesome bike handling skills to click out before I fall over in the driveway. I then spend the next 2 hours on a bean bag chair, drying out before I can drive. I pass the time by providing important commentary an old Star Trek episode (The Naked Time - that's the name of the episode, not my state of clothing) on Netflix. Chris makes fajitas - it helps.

The next day I'm still perplexed (and nursing a hang-over) and check out the MTB website ('cuz I think the place is awesome). Oh... they list the Alcohol By Volume (ABV) of their beers as 6.5% to 6.9%. I look up  my usual brands - yeah, 4.5%. That means my 3 beers was actually like 4.5 beers. Yeah, yeah - still wimpy - but I'm proud that I'm a Sheila when it comes to being able to drink under the table.

Anyway - lesson learned.

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