Thursday, September 19, 2013

Here Comes the Boom

Paige and I started planning our 2014 racing season the other day.

As part of that plan, I signed up for IronMan Boulder 70.3 - June 15th

I'm digging the idea of taking another crack at that distance. I learned a lot from Harvest Moon.

I got to the point in the registration where (like many race sites) it asks for some personal note, story, etc.. typically to be read when you cross the finish line or posted in a collage on the website of other personal stories. This particular registration form asked, "Tell us your story"

Silly rabbits - it's often a mistake to ask me to answer a question in total free format like that.

Without even a pause, I filled in the box with a simple statement - inspired by my 6 old's antics the other day in the car.

Here comes the boom indeed :-)

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